AM43 Motorised blind controllers

Bit of a summer project, i brought some cheap Motorised Blind controllers. and a couple of ESP32s with the idea to automate my living room\kitchen blinds through both Google home assistant and home assistant. I’ve upgraded the solar panels that came stock with the AM43 blinds as they just weren’t charging up the batteries enough on the AM43 Blind batteries. Also use a maximum of 2 AM43 Blinds per ESP32. cannot get 3 working off 1. And also they aren’t rock solid, they have issues. but they are cheap and it was a bit of a project.

Note 26/05/2021: I can now get 3 blinds working on the 1 ESP, its still a little flaky but works most of the time.

Big Shout out to Buxtronix for the tutorial.


Zemismart, A-OK and all use the “Blind Engine” app.


Here is the link to the blinds i bought:

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