The Viewing Area

This time a short story inspired by my 20 year reunion catch-up (about 9 people turned up) in year 10 – the year 2000 I was about 16 years old. In one of our class rooms had a door with a glass pain about shoulder height. if you opened the door all the way it wouldn’t open all the way and there was a little triangle space which someone could stand in.

Somehow we (meaning the year levels group of boys) discovered that if you were behind the door when it was opened you were essentially locked behind the door and there was a perfect ‘viewing area’ to see your face whilst you were incarcerated in a space not much larger than yourself…. Think of it a bit like a vertical sarcophagus with a glass window just for your face.

Now if you were one of the unfortunate bastards to be shoved behind that door and it was successfully reverse closed on you. Well my friend, You copped whatever the mob decided you would get… And you couldn’t do a single thing about it until you were released. we were a bunch of savage bastards and had a very strange mob mentality – if someone was in the viewing area, we went ape shit.

Whilst you were trapped in the viewing area i’d seen food thrown over the top, soft drinks poured over the victim, a trash bin emptied over the top… you were spat at on the glass at your face, middle fingers everywhere, cackle laugher like a cackle of hyenas.. most definitely verbal abuse all whilst you were on display to the group.

Just…. Savage